• Food Styling
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  • Food Styling

    ‘People eat with their eyes’

    When the dish looks appealing, the desire to eat it arises.

    With that being said, it is important to display your food products as attractive as possible.

    Featuring tantalizing dishes, such as juicy looking steaks, golden brown grilled chicken as if hot from the oven, stir-fried vegetables that look fresh and crunchy, or cool refreshing smoothies.... leave it to us.

    Creativity, patience, and the number of hours of the food stylist on the job are key in creating an interesting and lucrative product for your business.

    We do food styling for websites, recipe books, packaging, restaurant menus, print ads, billboards, and TV commercials.

    The desired end result of each client is different. In order to get the final result as expected, we need a detailed and clear briefing. A few days before the shooting session or when the shoot takes place, together with our clients,we discuss from what goals are to be achieved to the necessary preparations needed.

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  • Recipe Development

    We make recipes from scratch as needed for healthy food, diet, or using certain products. Recipes for the purposes of serving suggestions on packaging, websites, flyers or cookbook. Prior to publication, to ensure an accurate recipe and that can be put into practice, we can hold a trial first in our kitchen.

  • Presentation


    is a team individuals who understanding the language of food. with strong working experiences if food and culinary editorials, and passion for gourment things, we combine these highlights to further extend our professionalism.

    Club Sandwich Food Creative do food styling for:

    - Restaurant Menu Book

    - Advertising ( Print ad, TV Commercial, Billboard,etc)

    - Magazine Editorial

    - Recipe Book



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